Come join humanity’s greatest adventure at the International Space Development Conference® on May 25-28, 2023, in Frisco, Texas, just outside Dallas-Fort Worth.

The ISDC® is the premier conference of the new space age and features visionaries and top personalities from NASA and newspace. This year’s speakers include:

Featured Speakers

Bonnie Dunbar

Dr. Dunbar is a retired NASA astronaut, engineer and...

Dr. Bonnie Dunbar

Retired NASA Astronaut, Engineer and Educator
John and Bea Slattery Chair, Department of Aerospace Engineering and Director, Aerospace Human Systems Laboratory, Texas A&M University

Jared Isaacman

Jared Isaacman is the CEO of Shift4 (NYSE: FOUR)...

Jared Isaacman

Mission Commander Polaris Dawn
Mission Commander Inspiration4


Dr. Pascal Lee

Dr. Pascal Lee is a Planetary Scientist at the SETI Institute...

Dr. Pascal Lee

Planetary Scientist, SETI Institute
Co-Founder and Chairman, Mars Institute
Director, Haughton-Mars Project

Dylan Taylor

Dylan Taylor is a global business leader, thought leader, commercial...

Dylan Taylor

Chairman & CEO
Voyager Space

Isaac Arthur

Isaac Arthur is the host and executive producer of Science...

Isaac Arthur

President of the National Space Society
Science & Futurism with Isaac Arthur, Host and Executive Producer

Daniel Suarez

Daniel Suarez is an award-winning, New York Times best ...

Daniel Suarez

Science-Fiction Author

Eileen Collins

Eileen M. Collins is a former NASA astronaut and a retired...

Eileen Collins

Former NASA Astronaut

Melodie Yashar

Melodie Yashar is a space architect, technologist, and research...

Melodie Yashar

VP of Building Design

Janet Ivey

Janet Ivey, creator of Janet’s Planet is committed to...

Janet Ivey

President, Explore Mars, Inc.
CEO, Janet’s Planet, Inc.

Dr. Eric Smith

Dr. Eric Smith is the Associate Director for Research in the Science....

Dr. Eric Smith

Program Scientist
James Webb Telescope Program, NASA

Holly Melear

Holly Melear is CEO & Founder of STEAMSPACE...

Holly Melear

CEO & Founder
STEAMSPACE Education Outreach

Dr. David Livingston

Dr. David Livingston is the founder and host of The Space...

Dr. David Livingston

Founder and Host, The Space Show®

Dr. Greg Autry

Greg Autry is a Clinical Professor and Director of the Thunderbird...

Dr. Greg Autry

Clinical Professor and Director
Thunderbird Initiative for Space Leadership, Policy, and Business

Robert Zubrin

Gary Barnhard – a self-described synergistic technological...

Robert Zubrin

Pioneer Astronautics

Rod Pyle

Rod Pyle is an author, journalist, television producer, and...

Rod Pyle

Author, Journalist, Filmmaker

Michelle L.D. Hanlon

Michelle is Co-Director of the Air and Space Law Program...

Michelle L.D. Hanlon

University of Mississippi School of Law
For All Moonkind

Gary Barnhard

Gary Barnhard – a self-described synergistic technological...

Gary Barnhard

President and CEO
Xtraordinary Innovative Space Partnerships, Inc.
National Space Society Board of Directors

Dr. Sherry Bell

Dr. Sherry E. Bell has written numerous articles and...

Dr. Sherry Bell

National Space Society

• Dr. Bonnie Dunbar, retired NASA astronaut, Engineer, and Educator

• Jared Isaacman, Mission Commander Polaris Dawn, the first of three missions that are part of the Polaris Program. Jared was also the Mission Commander for Inspiration4, the world’s first all civilian mission to orbit.

• Dylan Taylor, Chairman and CEO of Voyager Space Holdings and New Shepard Crewmember

• Dr. Pascal Lee, Planetary Scientist at the SETI Institute, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Mars Institute, and Director of the Haughton-Mars Project

• Anita Gale, Aerospace Engineer and CEO of the National Space Society

• Janet Ivey, Creator and Star of “Janet’s Planet,” President of Explore Mars, and Member of the NSS Board of Governors

• Science-Fiction Author Daniel Suarez and his latest tech thriller “Critical Mass”

• Rod Pyle, Editor-in-Chief of Ad Astra Magazine, Space Author and Journalist, TV Producer, and Co-Host of the “This Week in Space” Podcast

And many more. We will dive deep into many exciting newspace and space exploration topics, including:

• The exploration, development, and settlement of the Moon, Mars, and cislunar space

• Space medicine and human health in spaceflight

• Innovative spaceflight technologies

• Space commercialization and infrastructure

• International collaboration in space and living in space

• Space debris and mediation solutions

• Space law and policy

And many more. Don’t miss this premiere gathering of space professionals, enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs. The ISDC fosters innumerable partnerships and educational opportunities each year, and 2023 promises to be one of the best yet.


During the Space Age, the United States sent astronauts to the lunar...


The space settlement ideas of Dr. Gerard O’Neill are at the core of the...

Space Settlement

Infrastructure is the backbone of civilization. A multi-planetary civilization...

Interplanetary Infrastructure

The Future of Space Development – Expert Perspectives on Context, Capabilities, Action and...

Space Development

There are many roads to space, some more traveled than others, but...

Many Roads to Space

The human exploration of the Red Planet has been discussed in arduous...


Living and working in space requires all the attributes of an earthly...

Living in Space

Who owns the vast riches of space? We know that there are great...

Space Policy

Can we improve our health on Earth and beyond? Our health and...

Space Health

While we all love space, not everyone who surrounds us in daily life...

Space Ambassadors

Not all space-related topics demand a full hour to explain...

LaunchPad Talks

The concept of a Dual Space Access Strategy is well along the way...

Space Elevators

This NSS ISDC session will bring together various branches of...

Planetary Defense and Near-Earth Objects

The ISDC Indigenous Space Track is the first NSS global inclusive...

Indigenous Space

Life Support in Space: What will it take to support Life in Space?

Life Support in Space

Special Events

This annual contest is for all students at up to 12th grade...

NSS Gerard K. O’Neill
Space Settlement Contest

The National Space Society is proud to host the finalist...

The Martine Rothblatt
Space Settlement In Our Lifetime Prize

The NSS International Space Development Conference...

Space Policy and 
UNiversalization (spUN) Debates

Join us for an empowering panel discussion with some of the...

Women Forging the Next Frontier:
Female Leadership Launching Us To The Future

Join former astronaut Eileen Collins, bestselling author Daniel Suarez...

Plenary Panel:
Space 2.0:
The Promise and Challenges of the New Space Age

A great deal of attention had been focused on the importance...

Exploring non-STEM education in space development

Proceeds will benefit NSS programs in STEM education...

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