ISDC® 2023 NSS Space Settlement Contest

About Space Settlement Contest Students at ISDC® 2023

These pages are for students who have taken part in the NSS Space Settlement Contest. Selected space settlement students will be given an opportunity to present their projects during a Poster Presentation session. Selected student teams will be given a chance to compete for one of the several 10-minute slots available to give an oral presentation to the many scientists and commercial space conference attendees.

Please follow this link to the Student Registration page.


International Invite Letters

Submit this form to request an Invite Letter for Students, Teachers, Parent and Adult Chaperones.


Students Presentations

NSS Space Settlement Contest Students may give oral and poster presentations to the professionals and enthusiasts at the conference—adults and students alike. More information below.


Awards and Honors

The NSS Space Settlement Contest Students will receive their awards at the Awards Ceremony on Sunday, May 28, 2023. The Grand Prize Winners will have the honor of presenting at the Saturday dinner. More information below.


Oral Presentations

Due to the limited number of slots available, students wishing to give a 10-minute oral presentation will need to submit a video of their team presenting their project. Students will be pre-selected to showcase the most inspirational, creative, and future-spective projects.

Apply for an Oral Presentation online, using the Oral Presentation Form. Any questions regarding the oral presentation is to be sent to ISDC Students. Also review the Oral Presentation Guidelines.

Please note: your video must be recorded, uploaded to your choice of streaming host, and shared through a publicly-viewable link; this is so all of our judges can access your videos without having to share and download larger files.

NOTE: Entry form must be completed before May 1, 2023. Please note the following regarding oral presentations:

Download the  Oral Presentation Guidelines.

Apply for an Oral Presentation online, using the Oral Presentation Form.

Here’s a good example of a previous Student Space Settlement Contest Winner: GreenSpace.


Poster Presentations

Download the Poster Presentation Guidelines.

Apply for a Poster Presentation online, using the Poster Presentation Form.


Posters must have their title & email contact also labelled on the back of the poster and it must be visible when rolled-up (e.g. by sticker, marker or printed).

Entry form must be completed and sent by May 1, 2023 to be considered for a slot.

A limited number of space settlement student teams will be assigned a poster session day and time during the conference. Confirmed teams are expected to stand beside their posters and communicate with conference attendees.

Previous Space Settlement Contest Grand Prize Winners

Mag Mel​”
ISDC 2022, Arlington, Virginia

AeroSpace Meridian Venus​”
United States of America
ISDC 2021

Stern Habitat: Colonization of the Kuiper Belt with Current Technology
United States of America
A Day in Space 2019

ASM Corporus
United States of America
ISDC 2019, Arlington, Virginia

Cicada and A Tourist Guide
ISDC 2018, Los Angeles, California

ISDC 2017, St. Louis, Missouri

Project Divinity
Republic of South Korea
ISDC 2016, San Juan, Puerto Rico

The Freyr Project
United States of America
ISDC 2015, Toronto, Canada

ISDC 2014, Los Angeles, California

United States of America
ISDC 2013, San Diego, California

ISDC 2012, Washington, D.C.

ISDC 2011, Huntsville, Alabama

Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony is Sunday, May 28, 2023. The Ceremony will be followed by a photo opportunity. Students are required to wear business or ‘dressy’ attire for the ceremony.


Saturday Dinner

The Grand Prize Winners will present at the Saturday, May 27 Dinner. People who want to attend the dinner will need to use a secondary registration for the dinner ticket.


More Information

Need Help? Have Questions? Contact ISDC Students.



Previous Space Settlement Contest Grand Prize Winning Posters

“Project Divinity“ of the Republic of South Korea. Grand Prize Winner for ISDC 2016 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


“Greenspace“ of Bulgaria. Grand Prize Winner for ISDC 2014 in Los Angeles, California.