The National Space Society invites you to come learn about the current ideas and plans for space travel, space development and space settlements at the International Space Development Conference®.

The 41st annual International Space Development Conference®, ISDC® 2023, hosted by the National Space Society will be held from May 25-28, 2023 at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Dallas-Frisco Hotel & Convention Center in Frisco, TX. The theme for ISDC 2023 is A New Space.

The NSS is dedicated to our vision: People living and working in thriving communities beyond the Earth, and the use of the vast resources of space for the dramatic betterment of humanity. The ISDC® is where space leaders, astronauts, enthusiasts and the next generations of young students and professionals gather each year. Regular features include talks by government and industry leaders, panels on the latest developments in space technology and related fields, exhibits from private space companies, and an unparalleled opportunity to meet and interact with the people who make the future happen.

ISDC® 2023 will host various sessions and workshops focused in multiple areas of space development: Moon and Mars exploration and settlement, deep space exploration, innovative technology, science fiction influence in today’s technology, commercialization of space, collaboration in space, asteroids, space solar power, space debris, and space law and policy, among others.

The annual International Space Development Conference® (ISDC®) is the keynote event of the National Space Society (NSS), bringing together leading managers, engineers, scientists, educators, and business people from civilian, military, commercial, entrepreneurial, and grassroots advocacy space sectors, to work toward the common goal of developing a spacefaring civilization. ISDC® has attracted over 1200 attendees from over 20 countries, and has featured renowned speakers. ISDC® has been held in various locations throughout North America, with the 41st annual conference taking place in Frisco, Texas.


ISDC 2023 is currently accepting abstracts for presentations. Please use the form linked below.

Featured Speakers

Bonnie Dunbar

Dr. Dunbar is a retired NASA astronaut, engineer and...

Dr. Bonnie Dunbar

Retired NASA Astronaut, Engineer and Educator
John and Bea Slattery Chair, Department of Aerospace Engineering and Director, Aerospace Human Systems Laboratory, Texas A&M University

Jared Isaacman

Jared Isaacman is the CEO of Shift4 (NYSE: FOUR)...

Jared Isaacman

Mission Commander, Polaris Dawn Crew
Commander, Inspiration4


Dr. Pascal Lee

Dr. Pascal Lee is a Planetary Scientist at the SETI Institute...

Dr. Pascal Lee

Planetary Scientist, SETI Institute
Co-Founder and Chairman, Mars Institute
Director, Haughton-Mars Project

Dylan Taylor

Dylan Taylor is a global business leader, thought leader, commercial...

Dylan Taylor

Chairman & CEO
Voyager Space

Anita Gale

Anita Gale co-founded events in the 1980s that became...

Anita Gale

International Space Settlement Design Competitions,
 National Space Society Board of Directors

Rod Pyle

Rod Pyle is an author, journalist, television producer, and...

Rod Pyle

Author, Journalist, Filmmaker

Dr. David Livingston

Dr. David Livingston is the founder and host of The Space...

Dr. David Livingston

Founder and Host, The Space Show®

Michelle L.D. Hanlon

Michelle is Co-Director of the Air and Space Law Program...

Michelle L.D. Hanlon

National Space Society

Janet Ivey

Janet Ivey, creator of Janet’s Planet is committed to...

Janet Ivey

President, Explore Mars, Inc.
CEO, Janet’s Planet, Inc.

Dr. Anthony Paustian

Following his Air Force career in fighter aircraft and the...

Dr. Anthony Paustian

VP of Marketing
National Space Society

Holly Melear

Holly Melear is CEO & Founder of STEAMSPACE...

Holly Melear

CEO & Founder
STEAMSPACE Education Outreach

Sherry Bell

Dr. Sherry E. Bell has written numerous articles and...

Sherry Bell

National Space Society

Gary Barnhard

Gary Barnhard – a self-described synergistic technological...

Gary Barnhard

President and CEO
Xtraordinary Innovative Space Partnerships, Inc.
National Space Society Board of Directors


During the Space Age, the United States sent astronauts to the lunar...


The space settlement ideas of Dr. Gerard O’Neill are at the core of the...

Space Settlement

Infrastructure is the backbone of civilization. A multi-planetary civilization...

Interplanetary Infrastructure

The Future of Space Development – Expert Perspectives on Context, Capabilities, Action and...

Space Development

There are many roads to space, some more traveled than others, but...

Many Roads to Space

The human exploration of the Red Planet has been discussed in arduous...


Living and working in space requires all the attributes of an earthly...

Living in Space

Who owns the vast riches of space? We know that there are great...

Space Policy

Space solar power, or SSP, has been a core interest of the NSS since...

Space Solar Power

While we all love space, not everyone who surrounds us in daily life...

Space Ambassadors

Not all space-related topics demand a full hour to explain...

LaunchPad Talks

The concept of a Dual Space Access Strategy is well along the way...

Space Elevators

Special Events

This annual contest is for all students at up to 12th grade...

NSS Gerard K. O’Neill
Space Settlement Contest

The National Space Society is proud to host the finalist...

The Martine Rothblatt
Space Settlement In Our Lifetime Prize

The NSS International Space Development Conference...

Space Policy and 
UNiversalization (spUN) Debates


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